Internships and Auditing

Thai massage at Naga Center

There is a tradition in Thailand that says that once someone is your student, they are always your student.  I honor this tradition at The Naga Center by inviting students to repeat any class they have already taken, as interns, free of charge; space allowing.  Because my intensive courses present a vast amount of information, I have found that students benefit from the opportunity to come back and experience the class again, absorbing the lessons on a deeper level and solidifying their connection to the work. 

While internships do provide students with additional classroom hours that count toward many state’s licensure renewal requirements, the primary purpose of the internships should be to further your understanding of the lessons presented.
Online classes may be repeated as an auditing student, in which case quizzes and final exams are not taken.

Interns are expected to arrive early and stay a bit late each day to assist with set up and clean up.

Students auditing online classes are expected to fully participate in the online forum and will be given extra tasks.