Guided Thailand Journey

Nephyr in long tail boat, Chiang Rai

Journey through Thailand with Nephyr.  These two week excursions are limited to four participants, as the goal is to have an intimate and easy travel adventure.  We will visit small mountain towns and big cities alike.  We will marvel our way through temples, markets, jungles, hot springs, waterfalls and rivers.  We will deepen our experience of Thai healing arts through experiencing bodywork everywhere we go; from clinical Thai medicine environments to cozy Thai house massage.  We will study Thai healing and culinary arts. Because Nephyr likes the journey part of the journey, expect to travel by boat, train, tuk tuk, songtow, bicycle and foot.

Because space is extremely limited, those who wish to join in must fill out an application.  Applicants will be considered according to order of application received and harmony with the group that is forming.  For instance, if some applicants lean toward seeking more luxurious comfortable travel and yearn for island time, while others express a rough and tumble approach and yearn for mountain jungle hikes, Nephyr may decide to lean in a particular direction that year, saving the other direction for a different trip, and may choose participants accordingly.  Because of the close and sometimes stressful nature of travel, all possible efforts are made to create a harmonious group.  No one will be discriminated based on gender, race, sexual orientation or any other such nonsense.

The next journey is not currently scheduled
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Cost: TBA
This includes:

  •  Group travel within Thailand
  •  Lodging
  •  Group classes
  •  Travel through Thailand with Nephyr as your guide
  •  Multiple Thai massages
  •  Detailed preparatory guidance including information about vaccinations, visas, airlines, packing, and much more

Not included:

  •  Airfare to Thailand ~ all participants must purchase their own flights from and to their home countries
  •  Meals in Thailand ~ Past experience has taught that as much freedom of choice in meals as possible is best
  •  Any costs for visas and other miscellaneous travel expenses
  •  Personal medication or other non-group needs
  •  Travel insurance and medical care within Thailand
  •  Any classes and adventures you wish to have that are separate from the rest of the group

Please know that Thailand is a complex and ever changing country.  The best laid plans are subject to change, and travel is best approached with a certain flexibility.  Whatever the plan for your particular group, it is quite possible that we will end up turning right, when the itinerary said left. 

The next journey is not currently scheduled
Please check back soon

Link to application will be posted when the next journey is scheduled.