Class Participation

Students are expected to be present for the entire class. Classes at The Naga Center are very learning intensive with vast amounts of information being transferred each day. It is very difficult to catch up if you miss class. If you are enrolling in a class that you know you will be absent for any part of please contact The Naga Center to discuss. Certificates will only be given to students who participate in the entire class.



Many classes at The Naga Center have a final exam. Certification is dependent upon passing the exam. I don’t do this because of any particular love of testing, but rather because Thai massage is an extremely physically intensive modality with greater potential for injury than most massage modalities. It is very important to me that I do not certify students whom I am not 100% certain will provide safe, authentic and competent bodywork. Non-massage classes may also have a final exam; for instance, my Online Theory class has a final exam; I am serious about passing students who will represent Thai healing modalities with satisfactory ability. Please note that certification in any class at The Naga Center is based on the judgement of the instructor. Some things cannot be quantified by a written percentage; the general attention to safety for example, is not demonstrable on paper and the practical exams are not scored in a manner that is quantifiable, but rather by instructor discernment.


Cancellation Policy

Please understand that The Naga Center keeps classes small in order to insure that students receive the best possible instruction. For this reason I must have stricter refund policies than I would sometimes like. With such small classes, a student canceling at the last minute, when it is too late for others to take their spot, can have significant financial impact upon the school. Registration deposits and full tuition payments are non-refundable if less than 30 days remains prior to start of class, including the online Thai Medical Theory for Bodyworkers course. In certain circumstances payment may be credited toward a future class upon Naga Center director approval. The Thai Manual Therapies Specialist Program cut off for withdrawal is August 1st, which generally falls a bit more than 30 days prior to the first day of class.

In the rare event that The Naga Center must cancel or reschedule a class, enrolled students have the choice to be refunded their tuition, or to have their tuition applied toward a future class.

Students traveling from afar are encouraged to purchase trip insurance as most flights can be refunded with proof of class cancellation, which can be provided by The Naga Center. The Naga Center is not responsible for monies spent in preparation for travel to and from classes.

The Thai Medical Theory for Bodyworkers online class tuition is not refundable to students who do not complete it, or do not finish with a passing score.

Please note that the cancellation policy changes for classes being taught by teachers coming from Thailand and other distant places. Classes taught by teachers coming from afar are non-refundable. Once you register for a class taught by a teacher who must travel, you will not be refunded should your plans change. This is because expenses involved in arranging travel for the instructor are not refundable.



Students are expected to be sober, clean, safe and respectful of one another and the instructor. Any student found to be attending class under the influence of intoxicating substances will be asked to leave the class and will not be refunded tuition. Any student who the instructor finds to be sexually harassing or otherwise compromising the emotional and/or physical safety of another student will be asked to leave the class and will not be refunded tuition. Any student who is unable to work in a manner that is safe or who in any way compromises the safety of themselves or anyone else in the class will be asked to leave the class and will not be refunded tuition.  Please also be respectful of the close body contact nature of our work and arrive clean and nice smelling free of harsh chemical scents and undue body odor (that was a really hard sentence for this earth mama to write, but a necessary one - we really will be working very closely with one another and should not impose overly strong scents on each other even if we are sure that our perfume or sweat is the best). 



The Naga Center does not discriminate based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or any other such nonsense nor do we allow for such discrimination to rear its sad head in our classrooms.


Many of my classes are extremely learning intensive with vast amounts of information being transferred. Students will often wish to set aside some time in the evenings to go over information learned that day.

Thai massage puts therapists in positions that are very different from those used in massage modalities that utilize a table. Specifically, there can be a lot of kneeling, half lunges and squatting. While Thai massage can often save your wrists and hands, knee problems can make doing Thai massage on the floor a bit difficult. If you have knee issues that prevent you from doing floor work, please let me know such that I can advise if the class you signing up for is one that will be more difficult. Most of the time we can differentiate instruction to meet the needs of a variety of students. Please note that Thai cupping and scraping requires that students be able to see the marks left by the tools. It is recommended that those with visual impairment make sure that they can see colors such as red, purple, and dark blue/black marks on skin, keeping in mind that skin comes in many colors and therefore the distinction can be subtle.

If you have any remaining doubts, or if you have physical limitations or a learning disability that we should know about, please contact me to chat about it ahead of time. Please also be sure to notify me if you are pregnant or sight or hearing impaired.

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